7 Best Backpacks 2019 For Travel [Water Resistant, Anti-Theft ]

Best Backpacks 2019

IF you treat your bag pack as it's only a case to put your stuff in then this is not for you. Each bag has a discrete type and features that differentiates it than others. What is good about backpacks than luggage's or any others that its portable and small but with plenty of room to arrange your belongings. Here in our site we don't only bring ordinary backpacks but we always keen on bringing unique bags with different features and each is multi-functional to cope with your world. Follow us and see all our products to see the most magnificent and new bags discovered till now.

1 #The Bobby Tech and Bobby Pro
The Bobby Tech and Bobby Pro
From now you no longer have to choose between safety and comfort as both are present in Bobby Tech and Bobby Pro From XD Design. The Bobby Tech and Bobby Pro are 2 models of our bag that has anti theft features due to cut proof recycled material that it’s made of. In addition, it's also water proof and AFID resistance. It has patented Fid lock on the shoulder strap enables quick access to your phone or bottle and RFID pocket. And for the first time, our bag has integrated solar panels to produce energy needed for wireless charging through USB present. Save your energy with solar panels and get rid of power banks
2 #Nomatic Backpack
Nomatic Backpack
One of the most satisfying bag with positive feedbacks is Nomatic backpack and travel pack. Nomatic backpack and travel pack is multi function bag made of water resistant, anti-theft material. It has laptop sleeve, roller bag sleeve, hard-shell for sunglasses, and retractable key leach. It's design is very handy as it has the ability of full perimeter expansion; in addition to pending strap design to switch from backpack to briefcase. It support cord pass-through features which helps to pass wires like charges and earphones between pockets. To sum up as the unique features increase the bag becomes more special and functional.

3 #Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Travel Pack
Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Travel Pack
No more worries about space with Allpa 35L Travel Pack as it's considered the largest pack of 42L capacity. It's the first suitcase style pack with full wrap zipper and rain cover to protect it and made of weather resistant material. It supports safety and security as it has top zip pocket for fast grabble items, padded compartment for laptop and tablet, 4 reinforced handle to hold form, and lockable zipper. Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Travel Pack us more than pack its considered an integrated system.

4 #Low Pro Free Line Camera Backpack
Low Pro Free Line Camera Backpack
For photographers and camera professionals Low Pro Free Line Camera Backpack will be best choice. Low Pro Free line Camera Backpack is perfect choices it has plenty of space with multiple compartments for perfect organization. It has very new and handy features as it has removable interior system and accessories pouch with dividers to enable more organization, extra security strap on side pockets to increase security, it also has cell phone pocket to make it more handy. Finally it has sternum strap and rain cover for protection.

5 #Under Armour Hustle Backpack
Under Armour Hustle Backpack
A backpack with many pockets equal perfect organization. With Under Armour Hustle Backpack you will have more space and pockets than you need. It has pockets at bottom for shoes or other stuff, 2 water repellent pockets for grabble items, one large pocket with many compartments, and laptop sleeve. It support UA STORM technology which make it water and wind resistant and with brand name like Armour never worry about quality. In addition to its design; it has Heat Gear shoulder that regulate your temp, and absorb sweat and little loop at front for keys attachment. According to all reviews its practical backpack with plenty of space and suits all situation: gym, work, even overseas travelling.

6 #Agazzi Backpack
Agazzi Backpack
It's not only an ordinary bag. it's bag that interact with the surrounding. Agazzi backpack is considered a very unique backpack with unlimited totally new features. It has external lights with 2 modes and integrated internal light to help you fetch your objects and keep you safe. Moreover its provided by RFID technology and fingerprint technology that keep bag safe and enable attachment to objects which prevent robbing. To ensure all we take care of is quality the bag is life guarantee and is water resistant. It's made of hard frame to support structure and has pockets for sunglasses. Agazzi is considered an evolution in backpacks industry.

7 #ALTA21 Waterproof Backpack
ALTA21 Waterproof Backpack
ALTA21 is more than just a waterproof portable backpack, we thought of auxiliary uses and accessories to help you throughout your trip. ALTA21 is small in size with high comfort due to presence of detachable hip strap, waist straps and magnetic sternum , it's also supported by inflatable back support. It has other uses than just a backpack it can be used as seat cushion or pillow. We never forget small details, the backpack has hydration bottle to drink and emergency whistle to use in any situation. One bag to use from sea to sky.

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