7 Best Bags 2019 For Men - Travel Messenger Bag, Duffle Bag, Camera Bag

Best Bags 2019 For Men

This time our site didn't just think out of the box it literally broke the box and jumped out of it. We changed the concept of ordinary bags that only change in styles and capacity to bring to you collection customized just for your life style. It wasn't an easy task and had many back stage events to bring this result to be published. We took into consideration photographers who are sick of ordinary backpacks to get them new bag stylish and very applicable and bikers who struggle paddling with a bag as a load on their back well no more of this struggle. We took bags to new level to submit bags which can serve dual purpose as some has ability to work as traveling bag in addition to being your daily bag ; other has ability to serve your job and be professional besides being used in your normal daily sequence and be very comfortable. For some people their outer appearance may be auxiliary for others it's their most important thing so we brought them bag to keep clothes tidy and ironed... Wait for more you never could expect what we are thinking

1 #Nomatic Travel Messenger Bag
Nomatic Travel Messenger Bag
Every one of us has 2 faces in life one in his job which is professional and other in his daily life with family and friends. And to find bag to suit you in both is literally impossible. Well with Nomatic messenger Bag and laptop bags you will have 2 bags to serve you in all situations. Laptop bag is designed for your essentials while messenger provide 50% more space. Two bags are made of waterproof material, reflective ink and have 360° magnetic buckles which is removable to convert bag from shoulder to briefcase. They also have RFID and blocking pockets, sunglasses shell and retractable keylech. They have ability to be placed on luggages while travelling. Additionally Laptop bag has document compartment and TSA laptop compartment. While Messenger bag has 2 interchangeable velco panels and cords for usb to move through. Buy them to be your best companion and aiding tool.

2 #Everyday Messenger Bag | Peak Design
Everyday Messenger Bag | Peak Design
Believe me, all photographers should read this bag. The Daily Peak Design Bag is not only the camera that applies to all your equipment. It is made of 22 pieces of foam and a closet lock system that provides a large capacity. Its soft material is soft, non-deteriorating and has a laptop sleeve. The bag provides a single closure system and ladder due to its patented maglash. Favorable to pack the bag can shift from messenger mode to shoulder. And as our premium security, the bag contains diagonal EVI tapes that can also hang lenses. More than you need is here.

3 #Unique Bella Garment Bag
Unique Bella Garment Bag
From today no need to worry about your wrinkled suits or dresses. No one of us doesn't need his important clothes to stay neat and straight whether for certain occasions as wedding or for people whose job require this.With Unique Bella Garment Bag your clothes is super clean and tidy. It had multiple internal zippers for all space needed and detachable shoulder strap to ease choosing suitable wearing style. As we always take great care of small details the bag has side shoe pouch to protect your clothes. And as new ideas doesn't ever mean low quality our bag is made of scratch resistance waterproof anti tear materials. Always look magnificent with neat clothes which is kept in Unique Bella Garment Bag

4 #Alpaka 7 mini messenger bag pack
Alpaka 7 mini messenger bag pack
Why to buy a travelling bag when you can buy Alpaka 7 mini messenger bag pack that is beneficial in daily life and also in travelling. Alpaka 7 mini messenger is waterproof of high cut proof material. It has many pockets and compartments with inner strap for security. For closure it has a magnetic latch and velco for appropriate closure and safety. The bag has removable strap and is made internally of ripstop nylon material. Alpaka 7 is super durable and functional you must try it.

5 #Peak Design Travel Duffel 35L (Sage)
Peak Design Travel Duffel 35L
Buy your comfort with Peak design travel duffle bag. Peak design travel duffle bag 35L is made of leather and aluminum pressed material weather resistant and 100% recycled material. It has 4 carrying style: hand carry using magnet strap which is removable in case of other carrying positions, sling carry using shoulder strap, shoulder carry and finally backpack carry. It's provided by 2 side magnets for better shape and security. To ensure comfort it has wide padded straps and small straps at bottom to carry at any position. It has lockable zippers for more security. Get a bag to serve you in each situation.

6 #Two Wheel Gear - Pannier Briefcase Convertible
Two Wheel Gear
IF you are a biker who want a bag rather than normal backpack something to suit your bike well here is a surprise introduced by "2 Two Wheel Gear". 2 Two Wheel Gear has launched the first pannier laptop brief case that has integrated mounting system to hook on your bike. 2 Two Wheel Gear bag has 4 large pockets for your laptop and its accessories, for trip items while travelling, for small items you need and for rain cover and wet items respectively. For mounting and hooking system, it has mini insert to secure and insure mounting, bottom strap to secure around rack and prevent bouncing in addition to compartment for easy access to mounting tools to be replaced if ever damaged. The bag is weather proof and has TPE waterproof and UV protection coating. Be unique and buy the first bikers' bag available just here.

7 #Safy – Safe and Stylish Anti-Theft Bag
Safy – Safe and Stylish Anti-Theft Bag
No more worries to be stolen. No need to sleep with your eyes open. Now you can keep all your precious valuable belongings safe and secure with Safy. Safy is a safe and stylish anti theft bag. Suitable for work traveling and even during beach holidays as its water resistant. Its design is quite different where it has no zipper only large compartment with many RFID safe blocking pockets and one is magnetised. Most importantly is that the bag has 3 digit lock which locks upon changing even one digit but at the same time easy to access. It's super comfortable as it has steel enforced shoulder and is easy to clean. Stay calm stay safe and enjoy every moment with Safy

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