9 Best Camera Accessories 2020 To Take Pictures Professionally and Simply

If you are asking yourself why to look here for your camera accessories and not anywhere else? Well let me answer you. we do all our best to seek it and we don't sell you an item but we believe that when we give you a high quality product that we have build confidence bridge and gained a permanent confident customer. In our site we don't sell one or two camera accessories we thought it would be way better to look at the perfect shot and think for aiding gear that would help you take it. Consequently we thought of getting you a high quality lens, filter holder to exchange filters easily without being stuck, for darkened places we brought you lightest small light to be more practical, tripod to take perfect angle shots and as we know the pain gained from holding camera for long time we brought you a non slippery camera holder. Up till now the shot is taken but its not concerned only on camera other complementary accessories must be present as a bag suitable in size comfy divided and of high quality, SD slot reader to all types, external hard for more space and monitor to aid editing and taking pics more easily. Stay stunned to see more.

1 #Moza aircross 2
Moza aircross 2
It started from mobile selfie stick and it ended here. Moza aircross 2 is an camera holder which ease taking pictures and filming professionally and simply. It's the main aid for every photographer as it has ability for horizontal and vertical filming. It also had new selfie mood to enable filming yourself. Smart wheel found in it allow full control over your lens and camera. It even has inception mood to allow rotating filming in addition to slide and FPV mode. It has quick charging besides battery life 1 hour. Take all filming position required with simplest way ever by Moza.

2 #Alter RFS Rapid Filter System
Alter RFS Rapid Filter System
Sick of spending time on changing filters and filters being stuck, well as a photographer we brought you the most magnificent gear ALTER RFS. ALTER RFS is an aiding gear that help you put filters easily. It has 2 parts one is the firm durable hinge where filter is added and the other is mounted to the lens. The hinge is firm durable and can be adjust in any desired angle. It also is provided with rubber grip to help you mount and remove filters. This gear is very aiding if are shooting outdoors or landscape and want to change your place indoors without spending time on removing filter. Very aiding gear buy it to try it.

3 #Rotolight NEO 2
Rotolight NEO 2
An equation of getting professional light gear and in the same time light and not complex in its settings is really hard to solve but with Rotolight neo2 light it's solved. Rotolight neo 2 light is a light gear with adjustable voltage to get desired intensity and dual warm and colour adjustment. It's also provided with AC cable for charging or batteries to stay always charged . It's highly recommend by blogger and photographers due to its features. It can be connected easily to Elinchrom transmitter that ease producing flash light with simple settings in addition to having many adjustable gels that can be added. Finally it comes with a bag to be carried in. A very useful gear and trustworthy for shooting in any place you must try.

4 #Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L
Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L
Get a everyday bag that would stand with you in every moment of your time. Peak design everyday sling is used as camera bag, day bag and even gym bag. It has a large internal capacity that you can put camera and lens and even your laptop. No need to worry about position of holding as could be shoulder or hand or back. The bag is waterproof and the zippers are weather proof so no need to have a rain cover. It's also provided by bottom straps to attach many items. Get a bag that could have your back.

5 #ProGrade Digital Card Reader
ProGrade Digital Card Reader
ProGrade Digital Dual-Slot SD Card Reader is a very useful gear that enables you to read all desired SD cards efficiently. It has 2 slot reader which enables reading 2 cards at same time in addition to having usb port at the back to enable connection to other devices. It comes with 2 usb cables and magnet that aid attachment to most electronics. Its very efficient and allow transfer of large files in short time besides supporting many types of cards. You really have to try it to know how good it is.

6 #WD 4TB My Passport Ultra Silver Portable External Hard Drive
WD 4TB My Passport Ultra Silver Portable External Hard Drive
"Storage is full please delete some files", this is the most annoying message you could ever receive specially if you are a photographer and at work but with WD 4TB it will vanish. WD 4TB is an external hard designed by Western Digital to allow additional storage. It has password protection and backup system to ensure your content is in safe place. It also support Windows 10 and social media and cloud storage import. The device comes with Usb cable type C and type A to support old device and ease the connection. Worry less about storage with WD 4TB.

7 #Endurax ShellX P01 Camera Backpack
Endurax ShellX P01 Camera Backpack
Photography exceeded being a hobby to being a kind of freelancing job as a result suitable bag must be chosen to be comfortable and keep your expensive gears safe. Endurax ShellX P01 Camera Backpack will be your best companion as it take care of every small detail. It has back padding for comfy handling, many compartments as it has main compartment for lens and camera and can be separated as desired, upper compartment for quick access object like id or passport in addition to side compartment for more space and finally it has waist and side straps for additional security. It also has rain bag to protect from environment. Buy now the most comfy bag according to the reviews of many bloggers.

8 #GEEKOTO 58” Ultra Compact Lightweight Aluminum Tripod
GEEKOTO 58” Ultra Compact Lightweight Aluminum Tripod
Get a light weighted high quality aluminium durable tripod "Geekoto tripod". Geekoto tripod is a gear that no photographer could dispense it. Let's take a quick look on its features, it has 360 panorama ball to allow taking pictures from many angles and 3 adjustable positions formed from the movement of adjustable legs. It also can be converted to monopod as it has a removable leg. No need for frequent cleaning as it comes with small pouch moreover it also has self explanatory manual for easy usage. All legs and central column are adjustable to enable it to take even inverted positioned photos. Buy it now as it's great at vlog and osmo.

9 #FEELWORLD F6 Plus Touch Screen Monitor
FEELWORLD F6 Plus Touch Screen Monitor
The cheapest monitor compared to its features. Feelworld F6 Plus is a touch screen monitor with multiple functions that will make you carry out your work faster and easier. Now let's display some of its features. About connection or exchanging information it got HDMI loop in addition to SD card slot for memories. The greatest and newest feature is having a tilting anti twist arm that doesn't need to be move the screw in addition to top and bottom mounting spot. It has push to release battery besides DC supply and also has sunshade. For technical usage, it is very easy to use. Zoom is by pinching and can stop it by long press, brightness and volume are adjustable by moving up and down both sides of screen, off and on button and fast menu can appear if you swipe up in additional to main menu which appear when you swipe right. It also has menu button which allow fast access if one click open quick menu and holding open main menu. Low price, easy to use and practicability all in one.

Our ending doesn't mean we are finished. It's just a matter of time to terminate this stage and get ready for more powerful and needed items wait for more and we promise you to do our best to amuse you. And till here we have finished the photography camera accessories but that's just a being to whole new idea of products. Stay stunned for more and more products. And always on our standards the newest and of highest quality.

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