10 Best Smart Luggage & Smart Suitcases 2019 You Must Have

Best Smart Luggage & Smart Suitcases 2019

We are not sellers we are travelers and that is our main advantage. Our purpose is not to bring you luggage's and gain our profit. We see what we during our travel annoy us and try to solve this by bring suitable products which then is sold. Some of our products aren't only multi usage its many luggage's in one each is for different purpose and usage. We solved also the concept of full storage after shopping. All this and the quality is best as you always expect from us. We bring the newest most advanced technology known follow us to understand more.

GENUISPACK SUPERCHARGE is not a normal luggage to keep your clothes in , besides being a luggage it has 2 external USB ports and green cable to charge iPhones, androids, and the luggage itself. It has removable power pack and align with airline's standards. It's marvellously designed where it has 8 wheels which rotate 360°, zipper pullers collected into combination lock, checklist, laundry compartment, garment loops for handling clothes and compartment are made of stretch mesh to increase their capacity. Finally it's made of finest materials as its external shell is made of100%polycarbonate, handle from aircraft aluminum, and is bullet proof, scratch and stain resistant.

2 #Plevo Smart Luggage
Plevo Smart Luggage
No luggage has amazed you yet then you haven't heard about Plevo. Plevo isn't one product it's a system of 3 expandable products: runner, infinite, and up designed for you. It has for the first time the first garment hanger in luggage, removable wheels to prevent their breakage and wide handles for easy transport. Nothing is more annoying than security checkpoint at airport so we made it easier for you, the luggage is provided by easy access for security as removable sleeve for all electronics and has also removable airline safe battery pack so you never run out of charge. It also has some very unique auxillary aiding systems like trackable system to indicate your luggage place, smart airlines assistant app to help you with your flight information and also most importantly touch and face Id lock system for perfect security. After all this want more? Stay safe unique and organized with Plevo.

3 #The Nomatic Roller Luggage
The Nomatic Roller Luggage
The Nomatic Roller Luggage is the first nomatic wheel luggage. It has 3 different designs: Carry on pro, Carry on classic, and Check in luggages which varies in their internal capacity to fit all your travels from one day trips to long ones. They all share quality as a common factor having YKK zippers, moto handle, and 3 stages telescopic handle. First, Carry on pro luggage that is designed mainly for 1-3 days short trip. It's main feature is containing traveler patent pending tech compartment with tech case. Tech case is a smart case with shoulder straps. It mainly contain all your technological gadgets and can be removed to be used alone upon arrival or hanged on luggage handle instead to save more internal space. Then, Carry on classic which is designed for longer trips as it has more internal storage designed by having compression packing cubes for more space and organization. Lastly, Check in luggage is designed for families and long trips. They all have an amazing feature in common which is magnetic compression with ultra strong fit lock buckle and mounted compression straps to occupy smaller region. 

4 #Thule Revolve Rolling Luggage
Thule Revolve Rolling Luggage
The problem has never been adding features to your luggage as every feature must count and be usable in certain situation. Introducing to you Thule Revolve Rolling Luggage which have just the perfect type and number of features. The luggage has hard side carry for short trips or certain situations in addition to telescopic handle for long distance easy movement whose function is aided by small smooth rotary wheels. It's anti theft where it has TSA lock and puncture resistant zippers in addition of being impact resistant. For more security the luggage has integrated ID slot besides having inner corner protection and front frame for more protection. Every feature counts be sure to know what you are buying.

5 #AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage
AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage
Amazon basic hardside spinner wheel luggage is perfect luggage for all traveling situations. It's scratch resistant and its size was suitable carry-on luggage for flights. Never mind about space buy souvenir and shopping as much as you want as it's expandable to 15% . It's internally separated to 3 zippered pockets and has telescoping handle and double spinner wheel for easy movement.

6 #Ovis Smart Luggage
Ovis Smart Luggage
Usually a selling point is required but in this luggage the situation is totally different. Ovis is smart luggage resulted from applying many new technological techniques. Surprisingly, It moves alone as it has side flow technology depending on cameras and sensors present in the handle besides having the ability to avoid obstacles. It's TSA approved and have removable battery for easy security checkup. It switch to manual mode upon desire. The luggage is sent with armband that enable luggage to know its owner and most importantly giving distance alerts. There can be a luggage with all these technologies and doesn't support technological items. The luggage has charging ports, GPS to determine its place and digital scale to ease weighing and prevent overweight fees. Grab all the attention and be one of kind with Ovis

7 #Optimus Premium Luggage
Optimus Premium Luggage
Stop spending money on perishable luggage's and buy Optimus. Optimus is a durable and affordable long living luggage. We assure it's quality and durability so we offer 10 years warranty and 100 day trial. It's water resistant and scratch resistant. It has 360° hinomoto wheels for smooth movement, USB port to charge all your electronics, aircraft push button handle and TSA 3 digit Lock system for security ensuring. Buy Optimus the luggage which will live even more than you will.

8 #Reaction Rugged Roamer Luggage
Reaction Rugged Roamer Luggage
Set your mind determine all your needs and your luggage desired details and mostly this is your required luggage. Kenneth Cole Reaction Rugged Roamer Luggage is an expandable smartly designed luggage. It has many internal fully zippered pocket one is even designed for liquids, provided by secure internal garment resistant buckle and 360° rotating wheels for easy movement. For easy lifting and transportation it's provided by side and bottom handles in addition to lockable 2 levels telescoping handle. It's light weighed to meet airlines weight standard and has tear resistant interior. Think well as this bag will sincerely add luxury to your life.

9 #Travelpro Maxlite 5 Luggage
Travelpro Maxlite 5 Luggage
Travel and buy all stuff you want with no doubts about the luggage. With Travelpro Maxlite 5 Luggage you will be buying life lasting bag. Comparing to most luggage's present it's significantly stunning. It's water and stain resistant. It has unique integrated design where it has large deep front pocket for your handy items and large inner compartment. As we are not sellers we put ourselves in position of every client, the bag has bottom handle to ease transport in cars or aero plane cabinets, inner buckle for security of internal items, wide durable zipper to last longer and, 360° rotating wheels to avoid their fracture. Buy Travelpro Luggage and it will last forever safe unique and functional

The meaning of thinking out of the box creatively on a very small detail to make luggage more precise and fun is establish by a new luggage "The SIX". THE SIX is a new established luggage named after its 6 durable wheels design which enable it to move in front technique. It also has 66° grip handle to help controlling the luggage in front of you and help the luggage to move smoothly along with your body movement. Together the combination of wheels and handle grip enables the luggage to move through any circumstances whether damaged rods, stairs uphills or even in bushes with very smooth technique. The Six is smartly designed with large internal space and flat top to help adding any additional bag on top. Get a luggage to move with you not need effort for movement

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