8 Best Wallets 2019 That Will Meet Everyone's Target

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Have you ever bought a wallet and felt like that it's nice but not what you need or doesn't help you in your daily routine? Well upon our observation and research we found that mainly all people are categorized into 3 types: some like dealing by bills, others by cards and others by coins. Consequently and as always you expect from us we searched to bring you the newest and highest quality wallets that fulfill your desire however category you were. These are wallet that carry in their material whether fabric or aluminium or both, capacity and design but all are waterproof. Take a look at our product and pick the most suitable!

1 #Dango M1 Maverick Wallet
Dango M1 Maverick Wallet
You know these mixtures that is not expected but turn out to be totally awesome, well today we are bringing to you one of those mix. Dango’s M1 Wallet with it's hot new design where it mixes leather with aluminium and also has great function mixture as it can hold 16-18 cards with cash and most amazingly around 4-5 keys. It has 2 card slot at the outside of one face which can hold around 2-3 cards besides key slot, and on the other face a quick access cards. The interior design is made for max card baring with the removable aluminium sheet, the band for the cash, and the interior card slot. Most slots are provided with thumb push technique. It also has 4 places at the sides to hold keys. Be unique and buy Dango’s M1 Wallet.
2 #Fantom R Wallet
Fantom R Wallet
Who doesn't like practical durable items whose material and sensation feel like it will last forever. Fantom R wallet is a new aluminum wallet with fan card technique. Unlike the past wallets its totally formed from aluminum and is also RFID and NCF approved. It has outer money clip which can keep your money or allow attachment to various places. Its slim design make it suitable for your pocket in addition to being abrasion and cut resistant . Buy it now.

3 #PIONEER - Flyfold Wallet
PIONEER - Flyfold Wallet
Sick of common large leather wallets which occupy large space and doesn't organize your stuff, well you should try PIONEER - Flyfold Wallet. PIONEER - Flyfold Wallet is the most durable full length bifold wallet as it's made of 10 x ripstop fabric which is 10 x harder than steel for its weight in addition to being dirt and water repellent so it stay brand new for long time. It holds your full length money so no need to fold them in addition to being able to occupy 10+ sd slot with high organization and flag movement technique. The sd slots part is FLD secured in addition to having internal thermal logo. Get rid of your old wallet and get PIONEER - Flyfold slim wallet to put in your pocket with no worries.

Meet the world's slimmest wallet ever WYN Minimalist Wallet . WYN Minimalist Wallet is very slim but strong and functional wallet. Besides being water resistant it's very strong and secure allowing no cards or to slip out. Its compact and could carry many cards and cash and still be way small than any other wallet. It allow easy quick access to your stuff without messing up everything. Want a unique eyes catching wallet then surely WYN Minimalist Wallet is your choice.

5 #BANDO Dash Slim Wallet
BANDO Dash Slim Wallet
Not all people like cards in their financials some are still cash lovers if you are one this wallet will be your best choice. Bango wallet is perfectly slim, cut and water proof to be durable and functional. It's designed specially for people who love cash, bands, racks and stacks. It has 2 external slots for cards, extra internal storage with pulling technique, secret pocket for keys and memory cards and finally place for all the cash that you want. You must try it! Get your Super slim Bango wallet that can fit in any pocket.
6 #Suave Wallet
Suave Wallet
Your wallet represent you. Suave is your best representative. A wallet that can hold 12 cards, 10 coins and 15 bills. Its perfectly designed to have place for everything. It has cash drawer for your bills, 4 easy to reach cards with pull tabs and coin pouch with YKK Excella. It doesn't only hold cash and coin it also can hold many other important items as memory card, house key and nano SIM each have its own slot. Moreover it has a contactless card slip. All you have could be put in one wallet.

Live a new adventure every day. But before heading to your adventures make sure to have all need supplies which will last through it. QRX WALLET is your best daily buddy to aid you keep things neat safe and organized. It fabrics are extreme fabrics besides being cut proof and water proof. It has perfect internal organization with sliding slot and banknotes pocket . Get now the best slim bifold wallet "QRX WALLET".

8 #SlimFold Coin Travel Wallet
SlimFold Coin Travel Wallet
Carrying coins that mess up everywhere? SlimFold is a perfect wallet to carry many coins besides all kinds of bills and in the same time stay ultra thin. Its magnet help keeping coins safe without slipping and still making it slim. It can hold up to 12 cards in RFID inner cards pockets. The wallet is made of cut-proof durable waterproof leather. Keep all coins that you have and even any type of bill in SLIMFOLD.

Our products never ends and we always think of what new we could bring to you to help you in your daily life and travelling putting in mind the quality and durability. Keep an eye on us to see what is coming next and from our side we promise to bring newest products of maximum benefit. See you really soon with our next collection.

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