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ClickPack X Backpack

Every product has a function to preform and when it fails to fulfill it; that’s when we consider it a bad product. Backpacks main function isn’t just to keep your stuff but it must be totally organized; accordingly they must have discrete various pockets; in addition to the manufactured material and design. Today we are representing CLICK PACK X backpack which was previously tested to ensure its professional performance to help you in your life duties whoever you are and whatever these duties were. It's characterized by having many pockets: hidden- magnetic slash- laptop…etc., secure, and has magnetic closure system. Follow to know more.


1. Material and Design:
ClickPack X Backpack

A good designer should take in notice every small note about his product and as we always say we are travelers not sellers we will preview the advantage of each material and its effect. CLICK PACK X is made of cut proof polyester fabric. Polyester does not absorb moisture and its low absorbency also makes it naturally resistant to stains besides being cut-proof that make it have anti-theft feature.
CLICK PACK X has the ability to keep its shape staying firm and stiff no matter what you put inside. Its capacity is 18 L and has the dimensions of 14.5 X 31 X 44 cm. As we know that you might use this Backpack in various ways; maybe you will have to carry it for long time. Considering that; we deeply know the back pain and strain felt while carrying it. So we designed Lumbar spine protection and padding besides having stereoscopic design support to stay comfy and support your back causing getting rid of all the pain. It's also provided with build in reflectors at the Backpack 's edges. The Backpack has 6 pockets which are outstandingly secure besides having water proof storage. So summing up; you will get a cut-proof, anti-theft waterproof secure Backpack of large capacity and multiple pockets. It also has a shoulder strap that distributes the weight on the whole shoulder resulting decreasing the strain exerted.

2. Opening system:
ClickPack X Backpack

CLICK PACK X has a perfect opening and closure secure system which provide keeping your stuff safe. The main aim of the system is to prevent losing your stuff and avoiding robbery or pick pocketing. Consequently we designed this system which is composed of automatic open magnetic claps which secure your activity and also ease it where no effort is exerted to close the Backpack . On the other hand it's composed also of TSA lock which enables opening your Backpack through specific pin number known only by you. The TSA lock has another function related to retractable wire attachment. The Backpack is designed to have 180-degree opening with Velcro webbing that provides upright support allowing you to neatly organize the backpack and ease exploring the Backpack all at once.

3. Retractable wire:
Our continuous worry is always about getting robbed so we added a solution to keep your mind clear and worry no more. By adding the retractable wire you could attach your Backpack to any substrate then hook it to the TSA lock; it will totally prevent any robbery.

4. Easy charging system:
Mobiles have become essential part of our life accordingly getting out of charge became not an option in these days. Upon that; the Backpack 's design was thought to have an internal easy charging system containing a USB charging port that has the ability to charge: tablet-phone-laptop-iPod-game machine or even a moving fan.

5. Pockets:
Here we had come to the compartment which on its rely fall the organization function. CLICK PACK X is characterized by the multiple pockets as each pocket has its own function and the things to keep in.The Backpack contains 6 pocket types; each is used and customized for your routines and comfort.

1- Magnetic slash pocket:
It’s a pocket present on the upper front area of the Backpack  which is characterized by its magnetic property. It's used to keep mobile, sunglasses or many other things. Advisable to keep here the stuff which is usable and needed a lot throughout your trip as this pocket will be easily magnetically closed

2- Hidden upright storage :
It’s a pocket present at the side of the Backpack characterized by its internal stiffness and waterproof storage. This pocket is mainly used for umbrella, water bottle or even a tripod. The main advantage is isolating the water bottle from the surrounding.

3- Laptop pocket:
It’s a pocket present in the inner main compartment. It's zippered and mainly is used to store laptops; notepad and many other similar electronics. It can hold a laptop space up to 15 and tablet sleeve up to 10.5

In the internal compartment of the bag you will find small pockets present to keep accessories in as mouse, flash or any other thing. These pockets are present to organize the less important items needed. There is also internal mesh internal pocket used for the same purpose.

ClickPack X Backpack

5- Hidden anti-theft pocket:
It’s a hidden smart pocket present in the back of the bag facing your back. It's considered the most secure pocket as it's totally invisible and unpredictable to find. You may put your cash, mobile or passport.

6- Hidden RFID Block:
It's a pocket hidden in the strap of the bag mainly used to keep important items. Due to its position;it's very accessible and easy to reach. This pocket may contain IDs and credit cards in an accessible yet secure place preventing data skimming thefts.

6. Color:
The bag is characterized by having a black elegant color which doesn’t  catchdirt or stain on contrary to bright colors.

Pros and cons:

1. Multiple pockets which are varied between magnetic and protect and normal internal zippered pockets
2. Secure opening and closure system
3. Easy charging system

1. Present only in black color which show no variety

ClickPack X Backpack

ClickPack X Backpack

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