SKYBORNE iTravel Wallet Review

SKYBORNE iTravel Wallet

Products ideas and designs are generated by one of two ways; either by searching for a product to improve it or by looking for a need or problem to solve it. Well as we don’t like comparing ourselves to others we usually like to take the second route through looking in your needs and helping you to fulfill it. SKYBORNE iTravel Wallet is one of best solutions designed for every traveller to collect all your important travelling items as passport, headphones, business card, boarding pass and mobile in one passport wallet. Not only does it hold and collect your stuff but also has many aiding accessories as power bank, pen, cables and many other utilities. So by buying one product you will keep you belongings safe and never forget them besides having your mobile charged.

SKYBORNE iTravel Wallet

The Design :-
This products design is the best and this isn’t our opinion but it’s based on customers’ reviews in addition to many famous sites as: QANTAS- GIZMODO- BOUNCY. It's designed to ease your travelling keeping sure your important stuff are kept together in safe place.

SKYBORNE iTravel Wallet

1-Size and Manufacturing Material :-
SKYBORNE iTravel Wallet is a new passport wallet of dimensions 8 length x 5.5 width x 0.5 depth. It’s super slim to ease dealing with it during security check in airport. It's designed in Canada. Its leathers range from Italian NAPPA, to Vegan Oak, and Carbon Fiber material. Napa leather is leather noted for its soft feel and the Italian one is the best for durable and elegant. Vegan cork leather is sustainable, biodegradable, waterproof, and green product and environmentally friendly leather alternative. Carbon fibers have several advantages including high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight, high chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion.

SKYBORNE iTravel Wallet

2- Built-In Power Bank :-
The passport wallet has built-in 4000Mah Power bank with led lamp which allow knowing amount of charge in addition to being indication of it being working. The power bank is provided by premium USB 3 in 1 charging cable that can work for both IOS & Android due to presence of USB-C. It works through a button by one press it opens and close by an elongated press having the ability to fully charge your mobile twice.

SKYBORNE iTravel Wallet

3- Pen :-
The wallet also has a ballpoint Stainless Steel SKYBORNE Pen included of high quality and durability which is important in any situation weather you want to write important notes, signature, feedback or complain.

SKYBORNE iTravel Wallet

4- Pockets and slots :-
Here we came to most important part as it’s the main function of our product. The passport wallet has a pocket for passport to be kept in, besides having one for boarding pass and that means all your travelling papers will be kept together. In addition, it has four slot card holders to keep your ID and important cards in. It also has a slot for your cash money to be kept in. By this you can walk only with SKYBORNE iTravel Wallet were it has everything in.

5-Elastic Strap :-
As we are travellers like you; we know long flights become boring after a while and so music is the only escape to eat up the time. Consequently, earphones will be your companion. Thinking of this so we added and elastic strap to hold earphone and prevent it from knotting that always happen when keeping it in your pocket.

6-Quality and Safety :-
The product is made high quality and durable material which is anti-theft and waterproof. In addition of being TSA proved and has RFID lining that enable it to live with you giving you high functionality.

7- Colour :-
The product comes in 3 colors: Oasis Blue – Ebony Grey – OKA Leather.Choose your favorite color which will express you.

SKYBORNE iTravel Wallet

1. Carry important travelling paper helping to keep stuff organized during security check
2. Built-in power bank to keep your electronics charged
3. Waterproof and anti-theft

1. Big for pockets
2. Difficult to get phone in and 0ut
3. Not made for families

If you desire to keep your stuff organized and also organize your mind releasing all stress and putting all your important stuff in one place; this will be your best bought product. We ensure you the quality and durability. No doubt of it being a great product that will mostly meet your needs. Don’t lose the chance and buy it.

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