Top 9 Best Travel Accessories 2019 To More Organization, Protection and Security On Your Journey

Top 9 Best Travel Accessories 2019

By accessing our website, you are in the right place that will guide you to choose the best travelling products for 2019 that you will mostly need in your travel. We offer you a list of wonderful products that have been selected based on Customers reviews in addition to products quality providing/offering best prices that suit your budget. Let's start with a list of the top 9 products for 2019

1 #RFID Money Belt from Alpha Keeper
RFID Money Belt from Alpha Keeper
Take a step ahead of thieves and pick pocketing with RFID Money Belt ! RFID Money Belt from Alpha Keeper is the first travelling hidden belt to keep your belongings as phone, credit card, passport and money safe. It's made of 3 layers of 360°RFID materials from both sides , water resistant nylon material, YKK strong durable zippers, inner mesh compartments,  adjustable waist strap, heavy duty strong slim buckle and breathable mesh fabric which enable it to be worn on bare skin to ensure alignment with quality standards. Its new 2019 design made it 10% slimmer and 140% stronger. It has 7 bonus sleeves one for passport and 6 for credit card as additional features. Protect your belongings with this magnificent travelling belt.

2 #The Power Pack from Side by Side
The Power Pack from Side by Side
No more cables mess at trips with The Power Pack. The Power Pack from Side by Side is the ideal strong but flexible travel accessories bag. It’s made of mesh loose elastic material to stretch and take the shape of inner equipments, tough zippers and top handle. Its design is very comfortable as it 2 compartment; the main zipper has flexible bands to store diff types of cables and tech connection, band the padded section with half zipper is designed for bulky equipment as power banks and adaptors. It provides protection and security where it has side slots, mesh pocket, and secret pocket. With Power Pack more organization in journeys is obtained and ease your accessions for all your tech connection and cables.

3 #Mu One charger
Mu One charger
The world thinnest compact, pocket sized adaptor! Mu One charger is more than a travelling adaptor, it's is trusted by experts as Mobile World Congress, British design, and Red Dot Award. It's has Gallium Nitride Technology which provides 94% power efficiency, and power delivery technology to allow fast charging in addition to auto detect chip. Mu charger is ultra compact 70% smaller than apple charger due to its folding design. It’s designed with 3 changeable heads and MFI tested tangled free usb cable with type C connector which enable working with all smartphones types. MU is your best companion in trips!

4 #CORI Travel Pillow
CORI Travel Pillow
CORI is the first customizable travelling pillow. We appreciate your comfort in sleep while travelling so our pillow have various supporting positions (360°-side-front). It's present in various colours and even you could personalize it by adding your name. As we never forget the quality, it's made of ultra-comfy foam cushion, silky soft fabrics, high durable strap; above all it's ultra-light weight and occupy small space after rolling. To summarize, CORI means support, comfort, and portable.

5 #Genius Pack Supercharged luggage
Genius Pack Supercharged luggage
Genius Pack Supercharged is not a normal luggage to keep your clothes, besides being a luggage it has 2 external usb ports and green cable to charge iPhones, androids, and the luggage itself. It has removable power pack and align with airline's standards. It's marvellously designed where it has 8 wheels which rotate 360°, zipper pullers collected into combination lock, checklist, laundry compartment, garment loops for handling clothes and compartment are made of stretch mesh to increase their capacity. Finally it's made of finest materials as its external shell is made of100%polycarbonate, handle from aircraft aluminum, and is bullet proof, scratch and stain resistant.

6 #Etekcity Digital Luggage Scale
Etekcity Digital Luggage Scale
Happy journey is that full of memories and of low expenditure and for that to happen mainly the overweight fees must be illuminated. Now with Etekcity the compact, pocketsize, digital luggage scale you can have control on your luggage's weights. Etekcity is strong and accurate as it can measure up to 50kg with accuracy 0.05 . It has T shaped design with LCD to show weight on, take function to switch on/off, switching units button and made of durable nylon rap around hanging system. It has many helping features that can help you while travelling as auto off after 2 mins, thermometer sensor, overload indication, low battery indication, and data lock with memory function to remember previous reading.
7 #Ceptics Adaptor
Ceptics Adaptor
Tired of many travelling adaptors with restricted uses? Ceptics Adaptor will solve the problem as its designed by and to the traveller. World Travellers Adaptor Kit by Ceptics is a compact size and of low weight adaptor which include 2USA socket, 2USB ports, and micro USB cable. It has many smart features as surge protection which ensure secure charging from harmful voltages, and smart voltage indicator whether it's 110 or 220 by led illumination; but it doesn’t support voltage change. It includes 13 type of international adaptor, and has attachable backs. We never forget the quality; it has 2 years grantee and is tested from ETL & ROHS complaints. The most fast charging, it can charge 75% in 45 mins that enable you to save time and energy while travelling.

8 #Cabeau Evolution S3
Cabeau Evolution S3
Worry less about aeroplanes' sleeps with the Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow. S3 travel pillow have a perfect design due to its foamy core surrounded by moisture wicking material; where it has seat strap to prevent head drop, the raised sides prevent lateral movement, and its thin back provide proper back alignment, in addition to adjustable clasp. As a consequence of its design it provide proper sleep posture on trip, stress relief, it also relax your back, and provide dry neck to stay fresh. It has many advantages as it has machine washable removable cover, attachable storage case, and zipper pocket to allow storage while travelling. From now sleeping in journeys became easier.

9 #The Airhook 2.0
The Airhook 2.0
One gadget, dual use and multiple places to fit! Airhook gadget. Airhook is a gadget with dual uses as it's a secure mount for electronics as cell phone or tablet up to 9.5 inches plus being a drink holder. It's main use is in airplanes as it has a clamping system for attachment on your tray to be secured and enable you to watch in any angle desired; besides holding any type of drink. It also can be used in other situations than traveling as in your car; the Airhook is fixed at heat rest or even in the luggage between handlebars. It was tested on many types of airplanes and luggage's . From today, rest your back and enjoy watching!

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